Monday, November 14, 2005

Baba Dad!!!

"In any enterprise - the greatest asset is the STATE OF MIND, CONFIDENCE, UNSHAKABLE BELIEF.
Also very important is ONE-NESS with the UNIVERSE, being IN-TUNE with NATURE + the ENVIRONMENT, to avoid delusions and assure blessings of HIGHER POWER"

This is an extract from Dad's diary ( i would NEVER dream of reading his diary before - but now i think........ I deserve to - these are the most precious memories he's left behind - his inner thoughts)

Dad - The Philosopher:

Dad had a habit of writtin down his thoughts - be it his diary, or just a blank paper - he was always actively jotting down things, making charts, diagrams etc i think this is a form of thinking whereby you chart all your thoughts to make a logical diagram.

Dad was a deep thinker. He was very much undercover - which i guess are the qualities of a good Baba! Im sure if he commercialised himself a bit more he would have had a gurdwara of his own! hehe! ;o)

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