Friday, December 29, 2006

Perfume - the story of a murderer

Good book.
Reading is far more exciting than watching the film.

How can onemake a film about smell??! Smellovision?!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Baljit Singh and Gurmeet Singh

These two masters were Dad's absolute favourite ragis!

They will be doing kirtan in Karamsar Gurdwara from Thursday 21st - Sunday 24th Dec. Then from Monday 1st to Sunday 7th Jan.

If dad were here, he'd go crazy and probably follow them round the country! hehe!

I remember when they came to Kenya, dad would get up early in the morning and load up all his equipment to record their Asa-di-war.
He recorded all their kirtan while they were in Kenya - I still listen to his tapes (yes tapes, no CD's back then!) nearly every morning.
Brings back some nice warm memories.
Dad has a massive collection of his recordings, must get Himmat to put them onto something more permanent.

Dad has always had a keen interest in raag kirtan. I wonder if I ask Gurmeet Singh Ji nicely if he'll do a shabad dedicated to my daddy?? hmmnn...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Party

The pic was taken at work before I got ready to go out for the Christmas party on friday. Everything was in a pile and thought it'd make a good photo (well, a good photographer would've made this look more appealing though!!!)
Im like those little school girls who leave the house with their hair in a neat bun, nice long sleeved cardigan with ankle length skirt and not a lick of paint on their innocent lil faces...but as soon as they get near the school the hair turns into something out of Mad Max, somehow the cardi turns into a skimpy dress and out comes the paint paraphernalia! hehe! :D
ah, the annual team bonding Christmas party, which is a great way to be paid to watch your diligent work mates get drunk and disorderly! And boy did they get disorderly! ;o)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Some interesting pics ive come across

"It is our choices, Harry, that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities"

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Valentines Park

Some good shots by Gurcharan

Gurcharan & I like to go for long walks when the weather is nice. Jatinder's lil friends always come to say hellooo! :o)

Don't be fooled by the sun, this is London you know - brrrrr!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Laughter that is infectious!

These were taken at my wedding - his smile and laughter...

Hmnnn...looks like a big smiley podgy teddy bear here! ;o)
Dad with his look-a-like! Well atleat before Dad got his grey whiskers, these two always got mistaken for each other! Papu paaji is Dad's nephew and waaay younger than him - Dad always looked too young for his age!

Dad and his big bro!

Dad showing off his dancing skills!

This has gota be one of my ABSOLUTE FAV photos!!
Although this pic doesn't capture everything - the pange he was getting up to with the kids has ALL been caught on film!! hehe!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Orchids orchids everywhere!

Personally delivered from Thailand!
Such an unusual flower.

Dad's Birthday Party on Sunday 3rd Dec

What better way to celebrate Dad's birthday than with a round of golf, a slap up meal and a homemade very-chocolatey cake!

What started of as a typical nasty wet winter morning, turned out quite sunny and pleasant.
Dad was a master golfer in his day, having won a number of trophies, prizes and cash in competitions. Himmat and I would trotter along as his caddies, well not quite, his golf clubs were twice the size we were! But I remember it just being hours of fun in the sun, when we were allowed to tag along!

Gurch is the boss when it comes to ordering the meals at restaurants! Good food is a speciality of his, in fact, to some he is simply known as Mr Finely Tuned Tastebuds!

As far as Himmat goes, his speciality is EATING!!! (you can just make out his face, but most importantly, his large hands and nearly empty plate of food!)

The man of the match showing off his scores!

Himmat, concentrating rather hard on the ball. He is usually the champion golfer...uhum...not this time matey!!!

Kayaking Super Stud

row row row your boat...! :o)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Choo choo train! Part 2


Where is the next station? No joke – I REALLY CANNOT hold out any longer! The station finally arrived, doors finally opened and I managed to stumble out. A quick survey was not promising, not a bench in site to collapse on. Next best thing, a grubby pole which I clung on to for dear life! Ahh the cool fresh morning air (be it slightly…uhum…largely polluted) rushed through my ravenous lungs. ‘Arh you aall rhight?’ inquired the American. Aha, its my Good Samaritan, finally here. ‘Yes, fine, thank you’ I managed weakly with a forced smile. Funny how everyone else did nothing but stare. But I couldn’t care less, I had bigger problems. ‘It can get prrhetty hot in there. Do you need any help?’ Oh the kindness of strangers. Thank God nice people still exist. ‘No im fine,thanks’ and with that, my little friend left. He realised I just needed a moment. There were no benches, so I was simply sprawled on the platform, this was no time for etiquette. After what seemed an eternity, the breathing slowly got back to normality. The nausea ceased. The body was gaining its strength. There will be no black out today!

I gathered my strength, shuffled off to the nearest shop and bought a Kit Kat. A good an excuse as any to get a quick bout of energy. My hands were still trembling and the man behind the counter stared at me curiously. Im sure he must have thought I was just another junkie (the area I was in does not quite have a good reputation). Fully confident I could make the next couple of stops to the office, and the bus ride + walk that would follow, I jumped back on to the next train and luckily got a seat.

And here I am, still not 100%, but at least not passed out on a cold wet platform! Thank you kind American sir – at least there is one person who will not just walk past.
What a strange experience – never happened to me before. Hmmnn…wonder what it was – still cant figure it out. Am I getting old? It is a Monday thing? Did the evil train do this? Any ideas?

Now, if only I can make sure the journey home is not as eventful!

Choo choo train! Part 1

Choo choo train!

I left the car at home today and felt brave enough to risk the perils of public transport to commute to work. This is no mean feat, what with a (very irregular) train ride, a tube, a bus and finally a fair bit of walking to reach my destination, not to mention the signature dull grey skies and bitter winds that make London an oh so ‘delightful’ city (and you wonder why I opt for the car – im all for going green but this journey twice a day everyday is asking for trouble of the cardiac variety). Little did I know what adventure awaited me on my innocent little journey.

The voyage started harmlessly – just the usual tedious wait at all the stations, the elbows and bags threatening to create craters in squeegee body parts, the overpowering aftershave, perfume, body odour of fellow commuters and my favourite – the ‘freshie’ who just does not get the concept of ‘My Personal Space’!

Here I was, diligently reading my Harry Potter and quite impressively getting through the journey when a rather peculiar thing happened! Completely out of the blue, I broke out into a sweat and started hyperventilating. No, not because my dream car drove past! And certainly not because some cute guy jumped on next to me…im a MARRIED WOMAN (happily married, might I add)!! Good heavens, what should I do??! I can feel myself slowly loosing conscious – all I can see is blankets of black flashing before my eyes. Legs are about to fail me any minute now…what is happening to me???!! Oh Good Lord, is this the end? I promise I will never say another bad word about public transport, save me from the wrath of this evil train! The breathing is now getting more and more rapid and laboured. That didn’t work. What to do??! Do I ask for help? Do I press the ominous ‘red button’? The one that you always wanted to press – now is my chance, do it Preet, do it!! Alas, I have no energy left!

By now im in serious need of a Good Samaritan. What if I throw up on the smart lady standing beside me, ewww – nasty! I AM going to pass out if I don’t get out of this horrib……er…nice train! I NEED to get out of this train – sweat pouring down my back – muster up all your strength and move to the door, the next station is not too far (oh please let the next station not be too far) – entire body is now trembling uncontrollably – walk, slide, waddle to the door, I need support, where is the railing? Blast, a very unfriendly looking teenager is standing in front of it. I have no choice, I actually lunge for his arm. He is NOT very happy, but said nothing (thank God). Poor kid couldn’t understand why this funny little girl (er… think im supposed to qualify as a woman now, more like aunty – eek) kept tugging on his jacket! Quite funny actually – but not at the time! At the time I was cursing myself for not doing my Nitnem!

to be cont...

Friday, December 01, 2006

Dad's Birthday on Sunday!

Hey its Dad's Birthday this Sunday 3rd Dec.
He would have been 57.

Great excuse to rummage through the old pics and have a good laugh and reminisce about the good times.
And especially good excuse to bake that very chocolaty cake that I bake on special occasions! mmmm!
Dad would have hated the cake! But hey, cake's are not cakes unless they're chocolate cakes, right?!! ;o)
“ ‘But why couldn’t Quirrell touch me?’

‘Your mother died to save you. If there is one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love. He didn’t realise that love as powerful as your mother’s for you leaves its own mark. Not a scar, no visible sign…to have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us protection forever. It is in your very skin. Quirrell, full of hatred, greed and ambition, sharing his soul with Voldemort, could not touch you for this reason. It was agony to touch a person marked by something good.’ “

J K Rowling
Harry Potter