Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Party

The pic was taken at work before I got ready to go out for the Christmas party on friday. Everything was in a pile and thought it'd make a good photo (well, a good photographer would've made this look more appealing though!!!)
Im like those little school girls who leave the house with their hair in a neat bun, nice long sleeved cardigan with ankle length skirt and not a lick of paint on their innocent lil faces...but as soon as they get near the school the hair turns into something out of Mad Max, somehow the cardi turns into a skimpy dress and out comes the paint paraphernalia! hehe! :D
ah, the annual team bonding Christmas party, which is a great way to be paid to watch your diligent work mates get drunk and disorderly! And boy did they get disorderly! ;o)

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