Sunday, June 18, 2006


Happy Father's Day!

Like angels...

Sant Baba Pooran Singh Ji Maharaaj

Liv Kaur / Khushi Kaur the orchid (haven't decided on the name yet) is in full blossom now! She looks

all grown up! ;o)

On the other hand, Jeevan Kaur is looking a bit dull these days, not sure why.

Orchids...a month later, and still flourishing!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Gurcharan made me a packed lunch today:
ciabatta bread with rocket leaves, basil leaves, cherry tomatoes, mixed herbs and fresh motzarella.

(isn't he adorable! ;o)

Monday, June 05, 2006

In memory of his greatness...

Not sure whether I should wait to finalise things before I post anything.
I guess I just feel like I want to post my progress as I go along – which should keep me on my toes and hopefully get some good ideas/input from anyone reading the Sati blog.

July 18th 2006 will mark one year since the day Dad left for greener pastures elsewhere.
To commemorate this, with Guruji’s grace, we have come up with a few interesting (I hope) ideas.

1. Classical Concert
In his memory, we are hoping to organise a charity event to raise money for the cause that Dad so strongly believed in – free Ayurvedic treatment for those who cannot afford it.
Dad studied/volunteered at an Ayurvedic hospital in Mumbai – this will be the most appropriate charity as Dad spoke highly of the work that they are doing there.

2. Skydive
Dad was a bit of a dare devil – so I guess it would be most appropriate if I do a skydive in his memory! This will be an opportunity for individuals who are unable to attend the Classical Concert, but would like to donate money to this worthwhile cause.

Please do leave any comments/ideas – your input will be truly appreciated.

More details to follow...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Himmat Singh Sembi

His name is Triple H - He is buff, he is ruff, he is tuff...and he is READY!!
Yes girls...Triple H is ready for.......MARRIAGE!

What does Triple H stand for, you ask....Handsome Holy Himmat ofcourse!
Although, to his closest friends and family he is known as Quadruple H....Handsome Handsome Holy Himmat!

(Ignore the bimbo standing next to him!)

Quadruple H has now been declared as officially.....i believe the technical term is....'On the Hunt!'

Himmat Singh Sembi

This is a post I stole from Jatinder's blog: (carrying on with the theme: Himmat Singh)

I've been wating to "big" mr himmat up no my blogg for a long time, it is all about the right moment! now here it is! let me tell you a litlle bit about Himmat Singh! well first things first WHO THE HELL DOES NOT KNOW THIS GUY!!! i think everyone does from litlle ethiaopian tribe members all the way to texas ranch farms all the way to tokyo's number one buisness franchise!!! man this guy is like the yellow pages of the singhs!(my bro sais im trying to be like himmat but im still the thompson local not quite there yet)!! well theres hardly anything to say this photo says enough just look into his eyes! so much "himmat" (cheesy joke) this is the "only" guy in the world who i know that has love for anyone and everyone!! he's been an inpiration for me all since the start! when i met him we just clicked like teh same stuff etc!! LOll we literally like the same things (except our fights over whos the best raagi's ) he's my rocky, iccos, this that subway blah blah indian wedding number one food partner!! Umm waht else!! Oh and he is such a strong guy, who lives in this world and has touched many people and will continue to, but yet he is detached from us all with himself!! (no im not talkin bout him on msn)!! truely a remarkable brother and I AM SO damn glaad to know him!! Wish you all the Best PAAJI!!

and the subsequent comments are worth a read...

J4ZZY_V said...
Himmy layers is joka, a very good singh, not many like him, big him up, heart of gold, stomach lilke an elephant, dont tlet his size fool you, thei guy eats bareee rockys, lol, never treat him, he cost you a fortune, lol, one love x
4:24 PM

billy jim bob billy jim said...
and ladies hes up for grabs! if any you young beautiful single ladies like what u see then please email me! (jat lee)
2:32 PM

H! said...
OMG! what have you done oh brother dear!!!! I dont deserve such praise! I belong at the dust of your feet oh lil brother. You are the G! and I will always look up to you! :DOh yes, forgot to mention! your sooooo buff!!! I love U:D!!!
3:08 PM

jatlee said...
lol chief!! look up to me!! hahah! rememebr im shorter than you! the only one whos looking up is me from the dust of your feet!
4:52 AM

Preet said...
My two doppy brothers are exactly the same - lazy bums! heehee! ;o)Nah - Himmat is a daimond among coals with a heart so pure so gentle. My one true blessing is that he is my brother. He is truly a super sant! (shhh...dont tell him I said that)Same goes for my other brother - Mini Sant Jat! WoW! Guruji was feeling generous with me - he gave me not one but two lovely sants for bros!
5:21 AM

jatlee said...
lol! rockys valle sants!
6:14 AM

Anonymous said...
himmi you are the best of my brother in law's (being you are the only one!!) truely a great man!! an inspiration to us all!and the 'yellow pages' of the community!Gps when we goin pakwaan's???
7:18 AM

H4RV said...
Himmat Singh - what can I say? I think everyone has said it.Not often we get blessed to meet and chill with a REAL Gurmukh.
1:29 AM

H said...
Well, there is alot about me that you don't know!!!! I am like thosse things you eat which look really nice to see, but when you taste them, all horrible and nasty.So dont let the look fool you :-)!You all are the true saints, despite knowing all the filth in me, still love. Love U All! Enjoy!

Himmat Singh Sembi

(This was too funny I had to post it, I hope you dont mind Rumta)

Following is a comment left by someone in response to my previous post 'Himmat's sister'

Rumta said...

i just had to mention something here.
Everywhere where i went in North America i came across someone who knew Himmat.
The bunda is international.
From NY to California to Seattle and vancouver. people were like 'do you know himmat' - i was like do i KNOW him?!
He's just the main man. simple.

Preet your'e very lucky to have a brother like him (and of course he's lucky to have bro like me)

and of course very lucky to have sis like you!!!!

Big up to the himmat sio - east or west sembi is the best