Monday, June 05, 2006

In memory of his greatness...

Not sure whether I should wait to finalise things before I post anything.
I guess I just feel like I want to post my progress as I go along – which should keep me on my toes and hopefully get some good ideas/input from anyone reading the Sati blog.

July 18th 2006 will mark one year since the day Dad left for greener pastures elsewhere.
To commemorate this, with Guruji’s grace, we have come up with a few interesting (I hope) ideas.

1. Classical Concert
In his memory, we are hoping to organise a charity event to raise money for the cause that Dad so strongly believed in – free Ayurvedic treatment for those who cannot afford it.
Dad studied/volunteered at an Ayurvedic hospital in Mumbai – this will be the most appropriate charity as Dad spoke highly of the work that they are doing there.

2. Skydive
Dad was a bit of a dare devil – so I guess it would be most appropriate if I do a skydive in his memory! This will be an opportunity for individuals who are unable to attend the Classical Concert, but would like to donate money to this worthwhile cause.

Please do leave any comments/ideas – your input will be truly appreciated.

More details to follow...


J4ZZY_V said...

can i just jump off my extension again?? thats being a dare devil, :)

Preet said...

hehe - bet ur mummy gave you a few juthey for that! ;o)

ps yes - that IS being a dare devil!

satvinder said...

Both really nice ideas Preet, tho the second one is a bit hairy-scary nutta :P If you're asking us to choose then I'd say go for the first because it serves more than one purpose. Best wishes for your efforts... (",)

ps. I think your pops would be very proud of you.

Preet said...

hellooooo Satvinder Penji! hope you had a lovely weekend.

Thanks you so much for your good wishes. We will need all your support and good wishes for this event to be a success.
May Guruji bless us with his grace.

PS was hoping to do both events! ;o)

rumta said...

go for a concert. ill help promote it west side...

gett himmat to book the musicians.
jatt to make the poster
YOU book the venue
binda to arrange the food for the day

thats it done.

khalsa salsa

satvinder said...

Good morning...

Just popped by to say hope you all have a beautiful day (",)

S.K. said...

Both are great ideas, concert is even better since many people will be involved and able to commemorate your father's sweet memory. Let us know if we can be of any help. Guroo Ang Sang.

satvinder said...

random comment alert... wheee rainstorm!

Preet said...

see seeee! i told ya! :-p

hehe pagal kurhi! ;o)

satvinder said...

hee :oP It looks so pretty from here.

Preet said...

Rumta - you should run for prime minister of the United Kingdom! ;o)
Thanks for the comment though - im sure we can count on you to reel in the West side! Things are progressing well, with Maharaj's kirpa...better than I expected actually :o)

Actually, the idea was to do both of the mentioned events :o)

SK - thanks for your offer! I might have to take you up on that! :o)