Thursday, June 15, 2006


Gurcharan made me a packed lunch today:
ciabatta bread with rocket leaves, basil leaves, cherry tomatoes, mixed herbs and fresh motzarella.

(isn't he adorable! ;o)


The "Goochie" Fanclub said...

No no!!! He is more than adorable - he's superfit, handsome, amazing, stud, in fact he is triple G:



Preet said...

You can say that again! ;o)

jatlee said...

you done that ureself preet so gay! very gay of you indeed! so gay that ure tripple g theory is correct ! glowing gay gurch!

Preet said...

hehe! It aint me - not this time! ;o)
Goochie really has a fanclub!

ps nothin wrong with being gay!

satvinder said...

I got grapes with cheese and celery on granary bread today. Which I thought was going to be yuk [highly technical term]... but to my surprise it was really nice. But why am I telling you now.. tusi taa(n) ghar chullay gaye.

Hope you have a lovely weekend (",)

the "goochie" fanclub said...

Jatlee, Preet is right about a couple things:

1. This is not her!

2. There is nothing wrong with being gay - well we're going to hold you to that one since...this fanclub as many fit blokes in it as gals!!!

So Preet dunno who you should be more worried about, us guys, since if Jatlee is correct (glowing gay gurch!) then even better!

We love you Goochie Gorgeous!!!

jatlee said...

looool jokes and cokes(diet cokes with lemon flavour)

Anonymous said...

mozzarella actually :)

THE Goochie Fan Club said...

That's why its the Goochie Fanclub and not the Preeto-phan-club!

Bring on Gorgeous-Goochie...Benji, Sardar Sahib di photo laado!!! Dil kush kardo sada!!!

Preet said...

HA HA! goochie fan club is truly a die hard fan!

oooh LA DI DA!!
as in pitza - you know naathing!

Preet said...

ps exactly who is this die hard Goochie Fan Club member (other than me (!))then - go on, disclose your identity...