Thursday, June 01, 2006

Himmat Singh Sembi

His name is Triple H - He is buff, he is ruff, he is tuff...and he is READY!!
Yes girls...Triple H is ready for.......MARRIAGE!

What does Triple H stand for, you ask....Handsome Holy Himmat ofcourse!
Although, to his closest friends and family he is known as Quadruple H....Handsome Handsome Holy Himmat!

(Ignore the bimbo standing next to him!)

Quadruple H has now been declared as officially.....i believe the technical term is....'On the Hunt!'


jatlee said...

himmat you are so damn FIT!

Preet said...

Oh im dead! I AM SO DEAD! im so so...!

Himmi dearest, it had to be done! ;o)

Anonymous said...

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H said...

Yes you are so dead!!! YOu are dead...soooo dead you are! Dead dead dead!!!!

H said...

Yes you are so dead!!! YOu are dead...soooo dead you are! Dead dead dead!!!!

billy jim bob billy jim said...

ill marry him!

Preet said...

urm....still alive. Himmat did nothing to me! hmmnnn....that means he really didn't mind me advertising him here! ;o)

Billy, go ahead and marry him - I saw a REALLY nice saree which I can only justify buying if its for Himmat's wedding, I dont care who marries him as long as I get an excuse to buy that saree! ;o)

Rumta said...

va va!!! yeh ladka hai ja kiya!!!..

if i was a female i would have no hesitations in marrying him. he's so SWEEET YAAAR!!!! sometimes i wish i was actually gay.

Serious man. good job you put him on your blog preet. hahaha he must be WELL PISSED!!!!!

Ladies do not miss your chance to snap him up... - lol but preet you never know hes already probably taken... and handsome stud like him - i'd be surprise if he's still single...

fateh n out - big up for himm sio sembz n datz

Anonymous said...

maybe he should have some say as to what kind of person he wants, that would make this effort more feasible

Preet said...

Anonymous Ji, thank you for your comment...a valid one at that.
Fortunately, Himmat has no say in this matter.

(He has a sneaky tendency of calling ALL girls the P word...'penji!')

satvinder said...

lol, you guys are fun (",)

Preet said...

hehe Satvinder you're more of a nutter than I am when are we meetin up girlie we need to exchange nutter strategies!!! ;o)

satvinder said...

"you're more of a nutter than I am"

It's all your fault!

Pssst... Shhhh don't tell anyone but it's just a blog appearance. Me really boring in real life (",)

ps. email you later.