Monday, April 24, 2006

Himmat's Sister

That’s me.
That is my official title.
If you didn’t know who I am, im sure you do now.

You see, Himmat is The Yellow Pages. He knows EVERYONE! Whereas the up and coming Jatinder, Himmat’s apprentice, is the Thompson Directory. Hence, landing me the new title of Jat’s Bhabi!

(photo courtesy of
There must have been a million people (slight exaggeration) at the Nagar Kirtan yesterday; Himmat hardly took 2 steps without bumping into someone he knew. And of course, I was introduced as……Himmat’s Sister!

I remember the days when lil Himmi was a painfully shy little boy. I was always the one doing all the talking, meeting new people, actually being addressed by the name on my birth certificate.

Now, I am simply known as…Himmat’s Sister.


ss said...

And to top it all I get introduced to your brother and to take his picture and stick up for the world to see and still don't get introduced to you guys :-)

Actually Himmat Singh was pointed out to me as Preet's brother - so there's a bit of a turn around for you :-)

jatlee said...

himmat singh! lol who doesnt know him from the monks of china to the eskimos of antartica to the lava of the volcanoes bloody hell himmat! stop advertising ureself!

Preet said...

Preet's Brother! hehe! That's a first! :o)

Jat, you are no better than Himmi. I suspect the only reason you didn't go to Nagar Kirtan was cos you couldn't face your adoring fans! Even celebrities need a break sometimes, eh?! ;o)

Preet said...

Funny thing bout Himmi is you can spot him a mile away....he's so tall and his unique white pugh is hard to miss! ;o)

jatlee said...

hes a gimmick!

Prabhu Singh said...

I don't know Preet's brother Himmat, but I know Jatinder (sort of).
Also I know Preet's sister SK (I know you're not really sisters, since I've met her two other real sisters).
Sat Nam.

Preet said...

hehe! Prabhu Ji, we are all connected somehow in this strange lil world :)

Rumta said...

LOL!!! i just had to mention something here. Everywhere where i went in North America i came across someone who knew Himmat. The bunda is international.

From NY to California to Seattle and vancouver. people were like 'do you know himmat' - i was like do i KNOW him?! He's just the main man. simple. Preet your'e very lucky to have a brother like him (and of course he's lucky to have bro like me)...

lol and of course very lucky to have sis like you!!!!

Big up to the himmat sio - east or west sembi is the best