Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nagar Kirtan 2006

So, why do I take part in the Nagar Kirtan?

To listen to the large number of dhol players!? Because I have nothing better to do on a Sunday? Maybe those alluring chollaybhaturaysamosayjalebis?! It might be a chance to meet up with my friends that I hardly get to see? I guess it’s good to get out and go for a nice long walk?

Gurcharan and I found ourselves asking this question this year – why is it that we go to the Nagar Kirtan? I must admit, I have never really questioned it before now – I have just gone.

A few people I know have actually made it a point NOT to take part in the Nagar Kirtan. I find myself on the verge of doing the same.
It is a shame – there was a time I really looked forward to the Nagar Kirtan – more importantly, I actually gained something from it. Now, im not too sure.

(photo courtesy of www.solarider.org/blog)
Although, I do believe it is what you make of it, as with anything.
If I focus on the ‘dodgy’ bits, then I have already lost the plot. I guess with everything comes the ‘dark side!’. The trick is to simply ignore the dodgy-ness and enjoy what the Nagar Kirtan has to offer.

A few of the usual amusing things remain: the aunties with the empty Tesco bags that are spilling over by the end of the Nagar Kirtan, the trendy group of clean shaven boys with funky hairstyles and the smooth look shouting slogans to the likes of “raj karega…Khalsa” “Deg Tegh Fateh” and the rest. Oh and a new one this year at the Southall Nagar Kirtan, bhangra dancers – the uncle ji’s trying their best to copy the latest moves. Oh, what fun! For a minute I thought it was a mela! ;o)

All in all, it was nice. Got to do darshan of the Punj right at the beginning – which I have never got to do before. Poor lil mummy was half jogging half sprinting to keep up with Gurch and I. Must say it used to be much more fun with dad – my partner in crime!
He had a cheeky mind – just like me! Not fun at all by myself! :o(


ss said...

I know what you mean and it's something that's been knocking around in my head but I always end to convince myself that it's better to attend and to try and ensure that I am not in a position like those you pointed out in the post.

However I have noticed that there is a different feel/atmosphere between different towns. I certainly felt more like I didnt "want to attend" another Nagar Kirtan after the Manor Park one than my own local one which had a less of a Dhol (and no dancers etc) structure.

They do seem to turn into fashion shows for some, more so in some places than others.

On the other hand a lot of good seva takes places and the youngsters were quite active in handing out Sikhi literature.

So positives and negatives - as usual!

ss said...

Oh and no need for the leading 3 w's on my blog address - I a big "unfan" of the 3w's.


will work as is.

The sooner we get rid of the 3w's popularity the better :-)

jatlee said...

id rather be at a gay parade lol!

jatlee said...

lol naa only jokin!
but seriously different things work for different people so i hope they take the good things home and let them grow!

Preet said...

LoL! Ok Sol Ji - no more 3w's! :o)
Jat in a gay parade - now that's an amusing site! ;o)

Fact remains - im no where near perfect.
These sort of events are a very personal affair - you take home what you WANT to take home :o)

Preet said...


msingh said...

Here's musings on the same subject during a previous nagar kirtan.

Might be interesting to look at what other faiths get up to when they celeberate events in such a public way.