Sunday, June 18, 2006

Like angels...


satvinder said...

Wow preet, beautiful. Where's this?

Preet said...

Every year Neville Road Gurdwara do 13 Sukhmani Sahib paaths continuously for 13 days. They also do the same with Japji Sahib later in the year.
The paathhs are currently going on - the bhog is this Sunday 25th June.
Its SO MAGICAL! Like being in heaven! ;o)

satvinder said...

Waheguru ji. Magical indeed.

Hope you have a magical day (",)

sukhjeaven singh khalsa said...

i went thereeeeeeee :)
it was beautiful
they made the gurdwara buff lol

jatlee said...

lol do you remember neville road back in the day! i was so naughty there i remember i used to throw milk bottles over the walls into peoples gardens in the back! and do you remember the front that house with the little pit where everyone used to wrestle lol!

sukhjeevan singh khalsa said...

ye man
that was jokes
they closed the other one down init

memories memories

the older one usedta remind me of india
it was sooo cool :P

Prabhu Singh said...

Looks like a real nice event. :-)

Preet said...

Sukhjeevan Singh Ji - it is indeed beautiful!
Jatlee Ji - no i dont remember! i wasn't even in the country then!
Prabhu Singh Ji - as you might have gathered - it IS a looooovely event! :o)