Thursday, June 01, 2006

Himmat Singh Sembi

(This was too funny I had to post it, I hope you dont mind Rumta)

Following is a comment left by someone in response to my previous post 'Himmat's sister'

Rumta said...

i just had to mention something here.
Everywhere where i went in North America i came across someone who knew Himmat.
The bunda is international.
From NY to California to Seattle and vancouver. people were like 'do you know himmat' - i was like do i KNOW him?!
He's just the main man. simple.

Preet your'e very lucky to have a brother like him (and of course he's lucky to have bro like me)

and of course very lucky to have sis like you!!!!

Big up to the himmat sio - east or west sembi is the best


jatlee said...

Mr Garlic Partner looks like a stud muffin there!

Preet said...

Your Garlic Partner looks like a professor here! ;o)
Afterall, Himmat got his gooood looks from him!

akalroop singh mander said...

erm i dnt know himmat


jatlee said...

we want more pics of Sati ji! i think hes way buffer than himmat sio will ever be! remember when me and Sati ji (aka dad) had that jacked safari one and we both wore it on the christmas due with a grey t shirt underneath and jeans! lol, We're just toooo slick for this world!

Preet said...

Akalroop Singh Ji - thank God that people like you exist! Atleast there is someone that doesn't know Himmi 'Yellow Pages' Singh!

Jat cat you are RIGHT! I need more pics of Daddy on here! I'll see if i can dig out the pic that you going on about - just cos you think you look so hot! ;o)

query said...

How old is he, what does he do, and is he looking for someone non-amritdhari?

Preet said...

Dear Query Ji,
Himmat is turning 25 this year in August, he has recently completed a masters (MEng)in internet computing and is currently working in Hertsmere Borough Council.

In his spare time he likes to dress the kitchen mop in girls clothes and waltz with it.

Preet said...

Preferably an amritdhari girl(he is amritdhari),tall (he is very tall!) gori chiti dhud wargi, willing to splash plenty of cash on Himmi's lovely sister, no criminal record (background police checks will be done), highly intellectual (no bimbos please! I am a veteran bimbo so I WILL be able to tell!) oh and rest assured the all important round roti's check will be done!

Preet said...

These posts on Himmat are only light hearted fun (although there is a subtle hint of seriousness hidden in there somewhere - you only have to know where to find it! ;o))
Having said that, I think Himmat is infact ready for the big M. However, this blog is not the best medium to discuss this seriously. If you are well and truly interested, please feel free to drop me an email: