Monday, December 04, 2006

Choo choo train! Part 2


Where is the next station? No joke – I REALLY CANNOT hold out any longer! The station finally arrived, doors finally opened and I managed to stumble out. A quick survey was not promising, not a bench in site to collapse on. Next best thing, a grubby pole which I clung on to for dear life! Ahh the cool fresh morning air (be it slightly…uhum…largely polluted) rushed through my ravenous lungs. ‘Arh you aall rhight?’ inquired the American. Aha, its my Good Samaritan, finally here. ‘Yes, fine, thank you’ I managed weakly with a forced smile. Funny how everyone else did nothing but stare. But I couldn’t care less, I had bigger problems. ‘It can get prrhetty hot in there. Do you need any help?’ Oh the kindness of strangers. Thank God nice people still exist. ‘No im fine,thanks’ and with that, my little friend left. He realised I just needed a moment. There were no benches, so I was simply sprawled on the platform, this was no time for etiquette. After what seemed an eternity, the breathing slowly got back to normality. The nausea ceased. The body was gaining its strength. There will be no black out today!

I gathered my strength, shuffled off to the nearest shop and bought a Kit Kat. A good an excuse as any to get a quick bout of energy. My hands were still trembling and the man behind the counter stared at me curiously. Im sure he must have thought I was just another junkie (the area I was in does not quite have a good reputation). Fully confident I could make the next couple of stops to the office, and the bus ride + walk that would follow, I jumped back on to the next train and luckily got a seat.

And here I am, still not 100%, but at least not passed out on a cold wet platform! Thank you kind American sir – at least there is one person who will not just walk past.
What a strange experience – never happened to me before. Hmmnn…wonder what it was – still cant figure it out. Am I getting old? It is a Monday thing? Did the evil train do this? Any ideas?

Now, if only I can make sure the journey home is not as eventful!


satvinder said...

Preet, this happened to me once. Could be a combination of things... dehydration, tiredness, most likely lack of oxygen on an overcrowded train.

If it happens again... don't be a fraid to ask someone who is in a seat if you can take the seat just till the next stop. Explain that you're feeling ill. I'm sure people wouldn't mind.

Problem is we always feel like we're putting people out but if the shoe was on the other foot, I know I wouldn't object to vacating my seat for someone.

Hope your journey back was better x (",)

H said...

Don't tell this to mom, other wise you are in for trouble!

baljinder said...

aweee, that doesn't sound like much fun, i know the feeling, it is NOT fun, good to hear you are better now though :D

Preet said...

Yup, all better now thanks Baljinder :o)

H - too late!
My mom (in-law) found out, now she force feeds me 'pajeeree', toast, tea and 'badam' every morning before work!! ;o)
But this is nothing compared to what my mom will do if she finds out! eeek!!