Friday, December 01, 2006

Dad's Birthday on Sunday!

Hey its Dad's Birthday this Sunday 3rd Dec.
He would have been 57.

Great excuse to rummage through the old pics and have a good laugh and reminisce about the good times.
And especially good excuse to bake that very chocolaty cake that I bake on special occasions! mmmm!
Dad would have hated the cake! But hey, cake's are not cakes unless they're chocolate cakes, right?!! ;o)


satvinder said...

Hope today was full of happy memories... sending lots of warm thoughts your way, Preet.

Hugs x

Preet said...

aww - can always count on you Satvinder for your warm thougts and hugs.

Thank you.

Yup! It was a FANTASTIC day! Lots of happy memories of my wonderful Daddy! :o)
And lots of good food and naughty chocolate cake!

jatlee said...

its all about the garlic cake! yummmmmmmmm! imagine the breath after taht!

Anonymous said...

i want the recipe for the chocolate cake penji- its looks goooood

Preet said...

Aw thanks anonymous!

Well, its a cheat cake!
Its a Jane Asher Cake mix, but if you come across a recipe that's as amazing as Jane's then do let me know please! ;o)