Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dad's Birthday Party on Sunday 3rd Dec

What better way to celebrate Dad's birthday than with a round of golf, a slap up meal and a homemade very-chocolatey cake!

What started of as a typical nasty wet winter morning, turned out quite sunny and pleasant.
Dad was a master golfer in his day, having won a number of trophies, prizes and cash in competitions. Himmat and I would trotter along as his caddies, well not quite, his golf clubs were twice the size we were! But I remember it just being hours of fun in the sun, when we were allowed to tag along!

Gurch is the boss when it comes to ordering the meals at restaurants! Good food is a speciality of his, in fact, to some he is simply known as Mr Finely Tuned Tastebuds!

As far as Himmat goes, his speciality is EATING!!! (you can just make out his face, but most importantly, his large hands and nearly empty plate of food!)

The man of the match showing off his scores!

Himmat, concentrating rather hard on the ball. He is usually the champion golfer...uhum...not this time matey!!!

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jatlee said...

loll hes not looking at his scroes hes showing how crap himmat was! lol look at himmat on 4!