Friday, December 30, 2005

My beautiful daughter

The email below was a reply to one of the many panicked emails I sent to Dad last year in April. He was in India studying away while I was preparing to join him – to do my weddin shoppin, but of course! Why else would I wana go to India?! ;o)

Probably makes more sense if I type up my panicked questions first:

1. eeek – cant find any good beautician to do my make up on the wedding day!!!!!!! (a bride’s worst nightmare – only veteran brides will know how this feels!)
2. am worried bout spending too much of Dad’s money on my weddin stuff (being the wise and considerate daughter that I am! (o; )
3. My mom was worried that the photographer at the wedding (er......who happens to be my cousin) would not do a good job! (sorry Sarbjeet!)
4. Dad's givin Gurch’s dad some medical advice (afterall, he was the bested doc in the world!) ;)

The email just randomly appeared out of nowhere (hmmm...bizarre that!).
I remember now I had printed it out for Gurch and he just dint throw it away (thank God for that!)
(I spend hours sobbing like a lil wuss girl after i read it! what a wimp! hehe!) PS i hate crying!!!!!
I mostly wanted to post this on the blog so I can have an electronic copy.
Im trying to save everything Dad wrote – his precious words have so much more meaning now.

Well, Hello.

I haven’t been checking my e-mail since Sunday, since I thought all had been said and, now only remained to be done. Anyway, let’s take your points one by one.

1. Make up. We will find someone by hook or crook. Otherwise you can just look like a slag. Who is going to look at you?

2. Money. Just come. I think I could swing it, if you don’t go mad.

3. I’ll instruct Sarbjeet to photograph mom exclusively. You will suffer, but that’s all right.

4. I don’t know what mom said to Gurch’s dad, but tell him this:
I have showed his case to the doctors here. It is serious and not something to be taken lightly. If he wants to avoid surgery he will have to be very sure – it will need total commitment and strict diet and lifestyle change. Plus some long term medicines which could possibly clear the blocks. So it is very much up to him. I will wirte him a full report from Jallandhar, when I’ll have more time. At the moment things are hectic.

5. I don’t want anything from UK but my beautiful daughter.

Just get here, and let the good times roll!
Get here and we will have a ball!

See you soon.
Sant Sati

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jatlee said...

lolololl! called u a slag!