Wednesday, December 21, 2005


'Angels can fly cos they take themselves lightly'

Another one of my 'arty farty' shots.
This is a photography technique not many are familiar with.....
You chant some (highly classified top secret) mantras to evoke the lively lil ghouls and snap!
But you have to pay a fiver for every ghoul......bummer.....either that or they possess ya!


ss said...

Reministent of a dream like haze.

No mantra's required - look for the beauty in what you see in front of you. THere are some lovely colours in this.

satvinder said...

Love the colours in this one.

If you like photography, you may like this photoblog

Click on "thumbs" to check out David Nightingales portfolio of snapshots.

sat (",)

Preet said...

that is it! that is the whole point of photography! it makes you look at the beauty of life! Wa he Guru!
little things begin to take meaning - a purpose.
Dad was good at that - photography and appreciating life and its beauty.
Satvinder Ji (hehe - my daddy's name is Satinder) thank you for the link - gorgeous photos!

Fiercetigress said...

Preetji, this is a cute photo. I agree, the colors are pretty, and they do almost look like ghosts.