Monday, January 09, 2006

Don't go mom!
I'll be good.........pwomise!!


ss said...

nice B&W shot. I seem to be taking more and more B&W (as opposed to converting colour shots to B&W).

They have a certain quality that I can't pin down.


ss said...

You know I was just looking at this picture again and the way your mum is to one side, the view into the distance; even among the black and whiteness of it your mum stand outs; the composition of it really conveys something to me.

Most people would have had the person at the center of the shot, but it's much more effective this way.

Preet said...

(Cue skippin with glee)so honoured to have your comments! ;o)
Thank you!

As much as I would love to take full credit....the annoying voices inside me are threatning me not to! My bro-in-law suggested I take this shot. However, I think it should cover more tree than ground.

Further, I get a quizy feelin when I see this pic - not sure why, possibly because of what the photo literally walking away from me! Feels wrong.

t-kaur said...

wow thats a really nice picture and very well taken, and it was gret meeting you over the weekend!