Thursday, January 05, 2006

I dont write poems. Never have.
I was almost in a trance when I wrote this - I often do when I think of him.
Just got caught in a moment and I let my insides spill out.
It is certainly far from complete - words will never be enough.
I might edit it later.

You taught me to believe in myself,
You told me I could do anything,

You taught me to love my enemies, to forgive, to forget
You wanted me free from the shackles of kaljug

You taught me how to smile, laugh, be happy
You wanted to instil joy in my life

You taught me to think
You dint want me to be a sheep (!)

You taught me how to swim, do yoga, how to cook the tastiest oats
The list is endless (!)

You taught me to write lists for everything
You wanted me to be organised (!)

You taught me that life is so precious
You did this through example

You taught me to fly
I am flying my beautiful friend, I am flying in your sweet love, I am flying……..


jatlee said...


HE taught me to smile!! and to be me! my real self! :)

J4ZZY_V said...


Preet said...

thank you both.

Anonymous said...

So beutiful just like wife! x

Preet said...

aw - such a darling husband! x