Monday, January 09, 2006

Once again, the master photographer Gurcharan Singh has outdone himself!

Tiny saplings sprouting through the opening - with all their might and all their strong will.....they will grow true and tall.


ss said...

Thats a really nice shot - nice contrast and arrangement,

Leaves are cool - hanna! :)

Preet said...

(Cue dancing with joy) :o)
THanks again SS Ji! Your comments mean alot - coz you the man! the Photoman!

Credit here goes to the magnificent hubby! Another brilliant photoman! (never hurts to score a few more brownie points, eh?! This is sure to land me a holiday!) ;o)

ss said...

Dancing with joy eh?
No wonder your shots are blurred :-)

Preet said...

That and the rest of my nutty manoeuvers! I AM from the 'jungle' afterall!