Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Valley of the Kings

Aha - it seems I have managed to score enough brownie points to land me holiday afterall!!!
The lubly jubly hubby's takin me to Egypt - Luxor - valley of the kings!

Anyone out there been to Luxor??!
Im in need of advice/tips/anything! Let me know! :o)


ss said...

My brother and his wife went there ... I think they did the whole package tour thing though.

I'll see what he says.

I remember he got some amazing pictures.

Preet said...

Oh tell me tell me tell me!
ANy tips will be much appreciated.

We hoping to do the Nile cruise as well as Giza/Cairo. Im obsessed with plannin ahead - so need all the info i can get.

Cant promise the amazing pics though - im sure some law exists banning me from ever owning a camera! ;o)