Thursday, February 02, 2006

Memorial Service

The evening started off with an introduction, followed by kirtan by Hazoori Jatha from Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar. Sadly, I do not remember the shabad that Bhai sahib ji sang, probably owed to the fact that the evening was one enveloped with emotion. Not sure I can remember any of it accurately! Nevertheless, I put on my bravest face, clasping Gurch’s hand as tightly as I could, and fought back the tears. I don’t like crying, especially in public.

Dr Shrikala Warrier read a beautiful poem written by her husband Dr Gopi Warrier. The poem has been posted below.

This was followed by lovely young girl playing the dilruba. Most beautiful sounds resonating in the vastness of the building. She dint know my father, but there was such a humble sweet look in her face, she came up to me afterwards to say how sorry she was about dad. I hope to see her again sometime, and thank her again for the evening.

Then came a young boy trotting up the stage with a large earthen pot! At which point Himmat and Endip cracked up laughing! How bizarre I thought! “I wonder what they are laughing at?!” It was only afterwards I found out that they were not aware that a pot is used as a musical instrument in South India. I see now how comical it must have looked at that time. Anyway, the round young boy was followed by two other men, one played a dholki and the other a violin. Was very impressed, they played classical raag with grace and elegance. (And the earthen pot added quite an interesting and distinct flavour to the music!)


jatlee said...

dakhnee! south indian style music with the dholki etc you will find that some raags in Guru Granth Sahib are dakhnee! :)
south indian flavour!

Preet said...

Thanks for that Jatt. I have heard it before (i think profs CD?)

Listen cutey, i is sooooo sorry, really, i feel soooo bad! Im the lowest of the low! :o(

Angad Singh said...

Gur fateh!

I may not be able to share the sorrow of you having lost your dad. But I know one thing for sure..that he was probabaly the best dad in the world.

Btw ..its a pakawaj/mirdangam not dholki..

Guru Ang Sang!

Preet said...

I appreciate your kind words Angad Ji. He was the Bestest. Thank you.

Yes it was a mridangam, not a pakhaawaj Paaji.

jatlee said...

lol! yeah who said dholki! dumb dumb! (get me in trouble) lol! yeah he was the bestest daddy! and still is init! :)

S.K. said...

How we are remembered by people is so important, your dad certainly left a legacy for us all to cherish.

Guroo Ang sang

Preet said...

THanks everyone! ;o)