Friday, March 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Jatlee!!

18 today! YIPPPPEEEEE!!!
Jatinder aka Jatlee aka bro-in-law aka mother-in-law aka cute cat aka mini sant ji

What can I say, I feel privileged to have you as a brother!! :O)
For those of you who have met him, you will know exactly what im talking about! ;o)

Jat is sooo small (erm….def not in the physical sense of the word!) yet he has so much gian – just like a sant in the making! Humble, kind, respectful, everything you would expect out of a sant! Although, he never lets me do any chuglia(n)! poo! :o)

He is the only one at our class that practises his raag! That’s why is the only one who can play his dilruba with professional clarity and ease! He spends hours on end practising, practising and practising some more – his dedication to raag kirtan is inspirational. You can hear Jat do kirtan on 11th March at Karamsar Gurdwara, Ilford.

Jat is a very veryyy talented artist - this is one he did earlier! ;o)

Ehem.......not that he has ever offered to do acheesy painting one of Gurch and I!! (i would like that very much thank you! :-p

I have learnt a lot from this seemingly innocent squirrel boy:
Never turn your back on your Rocky’s burger if he’s in the vicinity! You will never see it again! ;o)
If you ever need to bribe Jat, just promise him a trip to Rocky’s! He is somewhat obsessed with their curly fries and veggie burgers!

I first met him at Sikhi camp, when he was a round little ladoo (still is!). He (and his notorious accomplice!) introduced me to his older (and rather charming) brother with ulterior motives in mind - Lo and behold his brother is now my hubby! ;o)

Jat has this incredible talent to make people laugh! His sharp wit and charisma are key in his sense of humour! He can make a joke out of anything!

When dad (in-law) was in hospital, he would have to be sent out cos he would make him laugh so hard! Even in most sombre situations he can make you feel better.

Have a lobely jubly day cute cat! x


S.K. said...

Happy Birthday Jatinder :-) Have a great time tonight!

jatlee said...

your mad! and thanks alot everyone! but its another day for me! its not special cause with sangat liek you everyday is special!

H said...

Happy happy happy happy happy birthday buff buff Jattlicious!!! Hope you have a great day. Have a good one!!!!

jimmy tonton said...

meow pussy cat~!!!!

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Happy Birthday :)