Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kirtan @ Karamsar Gurdwara - pics

My efficient brother Jatinder Singh has uploaded the pics from the kirtan prog.
Please check them out on:


(photos taken by the talented Gurcharan Singh Ji Ilford Wale)


satvinder said...

Gurcharan Singh Ji "Ilford Wale" lol (",)

Anonymous said...

you mean... sant-baba-giani talented-fit-MR Gurcharan Singh Ji Ilford+london wale!!!?? lol!

(such modesty!!)


ps. pics come out ok, eh?

H said...

Nope, I think you need to take a few tips from me on how to take good photographs!!!!
Or even better, your daddy ji!!


jatlee said...

your all rubbish! its all my face that makes them look good! muahahahahah! p.s himmat is too much of a stud should be banned from walking on the streets!

Preet said...

None of you talentless amateurs can surpass MY artistic genius!

jatlee said...

artistic weaselness!

satvinder said...

Awe... no way speak to a princess...! btw I learned that Kaur actually means "prince".

Hey preet, hope you're feeling a bit better. Otherwise I'll come over with some of H's dallia! (",)

kay no more irrelevent comments - promise. Me actually working today :o(

satvinder said...

ps. lotsa warm fuzzy smiles to keep you going (",) (",) (",)

satvinder said...

Have a great weekend you East-enders (",)

paramjit singh said...

good posts

keep up good work sis ..



Preet said...

Asante sana! (thanks alot!)
Thank you for your lovley comments :)