Monday, October 16, 2006


Thanks to all of you who made this wonderful evening a memorable one.

Thanks to all those who put that extra bit of hard work to make it happen, for all those who took time out to attend, for all your love and warm wishes.

Thanks again!

Sembi and Durhailay Family


jatlee said...

excellent programme! and raag jhinjothi totally expressed Satinder Singh Sembi to me! touched us emotinally very light! and humerous also very energetic and child like! :) AKAAAAAL

paramjit singh said...

was a good evening.the art of music was ideal for a tribute. including chaman lal chaman jis narration. hope your family enjoyed it as much as every one did. my regards to you father.

ss said...

Hello to you too Preet :-)

paramjit singh said...


yep, that was moi. was going to say hello but you seemed busy with family and guests. was funny when we entered, it looked like a blogger reunion party going on also. must say hello next time. organise another classical concert ..