Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A beautiful story :o) Part 2


He was known always for his adventurous personality while growing up. He has managed to climb a number of mountains, including Mt. Kenya. In his youth he completed the Outward Bound Course, which was a particularly hard camping expedition in Kenya. He has also run a number of marathons for charity, completed intensive courses in scuba diving, travelled around Europe and Kenya by car, learned karate and judo, the list is endless.

Dad’s one trademark was that wherever you saw him, he would always have a book in his hand. He had an obsession of reading books, be it novels or general interest books, anything he could lay his hands on! He even read my French history books that I used at school for my lessons. He must have read enough books for the whole of Britain! His current favourite author was Terry Pratchett – simply because they had similar levels of humour.
And because of all his reading, he developed quite a talent for writing some very funny little stories. He has managed to win a prize on the BBC world radio show when he sent in one of his articles. My dad had an astounding ability to write little humorous anecdotes, which he would circulate to his group of friends. All his friends would eagerly await his articles. Reading any of his sketches would leave the reader rolling on the floor with laughter! This was one of his biggest gifts, he could make anyone laugh.

Ah, good memories.


jatlee said...

the greatest writer ever! dint need to write to make me laugh! everytime we clicked we just clicked!

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