Thursday, March 08, 2007

Weekend madness

This is a post I was typing up a week ago - but the PC crashed and I haven't had the time to post since. Oh well, might as well post this anyway - its only a week old.

As my right arm finally regains consciousness, I am finally able to muster a word or two about the cause of my appendage related misery.
What started off as an unusually placid weekend turned into a barmy up-to-no-good weekend! (Why is it that the claim “oh I have nothing planned for the weekend” on Fridays turns into “you wont believe what I did over the weekend” on Mondays).
Anyway, on with the saga.

Act 1 scene 1:
So, off we went to watch Handsome Handsome Holy Himmat (otherwise known as Quadruple H) play against Redbridge & Ilford (by the way, check out the

Plashet totally thrashed the opposing team, a sweet 7 – 0, no doubt thanks to my superb cheerleading and banner brandish. Although, strangely enough Himmat seemed to avoid me throughout that evening. I mean – I did an excellent job of shouting some really well rehearsed slogans! Hmph!

After the game a certain tingling in the cerebral pits threateningly conjured up the idea of reliving my past (I WAS vice-captain of my school hockey team I’ll have you know!) and shoot some rounds on the pitch. This, as I realised later, should have been filed under “no, HELL NO!”. 5 minutes later, my rusty ol body realised my hockey playing days were over – the fat lady’s done her riyaaz, said her fateh and is on a plane to the Bahamas to retire.

Act 1 Scene 2:
After all the cheerleading and that intense 5min of hockey, I thought id oil my vocal cords with a nice round of samosas, spring rolls and darling selection of tarts. I deserved it!

The game was sooo one sided, the Plashet goal keeper was actually seen snoozing on the pitch! These pics were taken during the game, the poor guy was so bored he decided to catch up on his beauty sleep!

Act 2 Scene 1:
Yup! You guessed it – when I awoke the next morning someone had replaced by right arm with a timber log. And No – this time, it wasn’t an excuse to get out of doing the house work. That 5minutes of hockey took its toll!

Act 2 Scene 2:
Some bright pipsqueak thought it would be a good idea to play a game of golf! Aha not one game – but two!

I let mom play my rounds, and she found her mark every with single shot! She was getting me more points than I managed to score for myself! Hmmn, obviously all those years of watchin Dad play golf did have an effect on her.
The man of the match - this dooode scored 20 TWICE!!! and won a free game! That grin says it all!

Act 2 Scene 3
Lunch at Chennai – the poor South Indian waiters were aghast - never in their waiter-ing lives had they seen a bunch of Punjabis devour so much food in one sitting!
Here Gurcharan is trying to mimic Himmat's green eyes!

Act 3 Final Scene
Now this takes the clinch – Indi left his Nintendo Wii at ours and we played non stop for over 5hours! By this time the right arm had transfigured from log to lead without so much as a transfiguration charm by Mrs McGonagall!
Aw, true love!



B said...

hehe...looks like you guys had a lot of fun...good job on the cheering preeti :-)

jatlee said...

wowwww man wikked story!

Preet said...

Hey thanks B - at least SOMEONE appreciates all my hardwork! :o)

Jatlee - why fanks! But no one can beat the master champ Sati the Great at story telling, eh! ;O)