Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ustaad Himmat Singh Ji!

Originally uploaded by s.kaur.


Gman said...

Pooran Mashi at Nanaksar? Coventry? or another one?

Pooran Mashi was amazing when Baba Mehan Singh Ji was there!!!!!! The kirtan was so simple but yet so amazing and energizing!!!! Baba Ji's tabla was so good too!!!!!!!!!!! Was Bhai Sahib Harnaik Singh Ji there?

Thanks for the pics.

Preet said...

Thanks for your comment Gman Singh Ji.

Yup - Nanaksar Coventry it is.

Im not as clued up as my husband and his family as I only got introduced into the Nanaksar maryada after I got married.
Its a Durhailay tradition to attend the puranmashi at Nanaksar.