Thursday, May 24, 2007

Scale of Power!

While I was in India, I spent a day with the in-laws doing a mini yatra of gurdwaras in their locality. When I got back home to Jalandhar to my 'out'-laws (!), I had this interesting little conversation with my mamaji, which, in short, went something like this:
Mamaji: Prreeeti, where is this 'saropa' and 'parshaad' from?

Preet: I went to 'Flahi Sahib' Gurdwara and did an 'ardaas' there, they gave it to me there

Mamaji: You should have done your ardaas when you went to 'Alamghir' Gurdwara

Preet: Why? Surely the ardaas is the same regardless of the gurdwara you do it in, the Maharaj da saroop is the same everywhere, right?

Mamaji: Well, there is more power in that Gurdwara!

I, in my infinite stupidity, fail to understand this concept!
Anyone care to set me straight?


sat said...

Yeah, it's all to do with the size of the dome! lol!! Sorry... slapped my own wrist.

No disrespect to your mamaji - but I'm with you on this one.

Preet said...

Or is it dependant on the size of the giani's tid?! ;o)

okay...that was below the belt (or rather above the belt!!!) tee hee heee heeee!!!!!

okay okay...i'll get back to work now!

Preet said...

hmmnnn...while we're on this train of thought, would it be any different if I did my ardaas at home, without the presence of Maharaj Ji's saroop!?

Anonymous said...

there are arguments for and against what she said. would a gurudwara that does ten akhand paaths a week have more "power" than a gurudwara than does one akhand paath a week? though i dont think this was the point she was making, its definely interesting hearing other peoples opinions! :)

satvinder said...

I'm sorry if I seemed dismissive of Preet's mama ji's comment. It is good to *listen* to others ideas and we could take this whole conversation to acedemic levels but well I'm not an academic so I quit on that one here [I know that's a cop-out](",)

Preet your question is an interesting one. My answer would be based on practicality. If you wished for your ardaas to be blessed with a hukamnaama I guess you would do the ardaas at the Gurwdwara [or infornt of maharaj ji's swaroop] but if you were happy to do the ardaas at home and just wait for the answer to be revealed through the course of time... then I guess it's okay too?

I dunno... just some thoughts

ps. Stay happpppy!!

Preet said...

THanks both for your input, both are interesting opinions. Must say, still not too sure about this one.

It is indeed good to 'listen' to other people's thoughts.

Preet said...

THanks both for your input, both are interesting opinions. Must say, still not too sure about this one.

It is indeed good to 'listen' to other people's thoughts.

Anonymous said...

the same can also be said about ardaas, will an ardaas done by a person in prayer and seva for most of their life be more "powerful" than a person who doesnt do any paath or seva? interesting thoughts! lol :) hopefully God will answer these questions oneday! lol :)

vsingh said...

hmmm. I'm not sure I agree with your relative. I mean ine one sense, you coul consider that there is much more 'spritual power' on Darbar Sahib, which can be felt by most visitors there; but why the 'strength of the ardaas' would be stronger there, I fail to understand...

Prabhu Singh said...

Unless we are in the constant state of Simran (rememberence of the beloved), we may need external reminders of that which is within us. That is why we seek the society of the holy and why we visit the gateway to the Guru (the Gurdwara). Each individual is unique and we all know which Gurdwara, which shabad, which meditation, or whatever puts us into the state of simran the quickest. As long as we have the yearning to be one with the creator, we will know which tools serve us.
(Just another opinion :-)

Preet said...

Well put Prabhu Ji! I think that actually answers a certain que tingling my little brain.
Thanks for visiting :o)

Anonymous said...

Interesting question. I too used to think that way, until I finally had the opportunity to go to India. And came across the same sort of thing. You should have asked your Mama Ji what the history behind that gurudwara is.

We went to Muktsar and were told to have a dip in the sarowar there. When we asked why, we were told that this is where Guru Gobind Singh Ji forgave the 40 Sikhs who had betrayed him, thus giving them Mukti. And Guru Ji exclaimed that any Sikh who came to this sarowar and with full sharda and pyar was able to dip in the sarowar would be granted Mukti by him.

So there is a reason why sometimes our elders tell us to do things. They assume we will follow blindly and do it, as that is how it has been in the past. They forget to tell us the reason behind it. And it is good for us to ask, to gain the knowledge that will surely go with them when they are gone.

I hope this helps you.

Thanks for allowing me to respond.

Preet said...

Very well put Anonymous Ji.
I am forever trying to find out why we do what we do - its just difficult finding the answers at the best of times.

Thank you all for your contribution, I truly appreciate the effort.
I like this open form of presenting opinions.

I am a beliver of 'listening to what your inside tells you'. What truly feels right SOMETIMES may be the answer to our questions. (well, unless they are not too clever like me)