Friday, June 15, 2007

LUSH party!!!

All you dirty smelly people out there (eee easy I'm only kiddin - I know people who their time reading my pointless rubbish posts dont smell. Besides, all smelly people are too busy terrorising Jatlee in his shoe shop) Go go sweaty summer days! MUAAHHAAHHAA!

Take note:
THURSDAY 21st June 2007
Carnaby Street branch.

Lush Party with a bollywood theme!

I mean WOOOHOOOO or wot???!!!

Im thinkin - im Asian right - its a bollywood party right - oh well then this automatically qualifies me for atleast a free bunch of goodies right right right!??!!

Oooo it doesn't stop there boys and girls - if I gym it every day starting today - refuse to shower - then go for a great big 'ol Indian lunch just before the party.......surely that will SUBMIT em into giving me a great big bunch of free goodies!

Or there's always my mind control powers......

Anyhoo - the idea is to bag as many free goodies as poss to add to your Lush collection, in the process try to find out who the manager is and where they live......this will come handy for when future need for free Lush stuff arises. (A separate post on 'how to terrorise your local LUSH manager into giving you free Lush goodies' will follow shortly - watch this space, as they say)

In the mean time, im open to any more ideas on how to dupe the lovely people over at "The World's Bestest Store Ever....EVER" aka Lush into promoting a 'anyone who goes by the name Preet gets anything they want....for FREE!!!" scheme.

Thanks - i'll see you all next Friday - I'll be the one smelling like a goddess - a goddess that didnt spend a penny to smell like so. Well, that's if my plans work, now if you'll excuse me I have some garlic that needs rubbing into the middle bit of my toes.

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