Thursday, July 05, 2007

good verses evil

good verses evil
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Last week was 'Cheat Week'! For those not familiar with the term, this is a full week dedicated to stuffin your face with anything and everything ungodly until you're blue in the face. Fun? no! Its hard work! And without an ounce of shame, I spent all of last week stuffin my face silly!
But the fun and games are over, its back to being...normal (?!) ;o)


paramjit singh said...


didn't attend the sukhmani sahib paath in the east end. how was it ? spiritualy encouraging ofcourse. will there be another taking place there or in another area ? do let me know..



Preet said...

Fateh Ji.
It was a beautiful experience, as always.
The JapJi sahib Paath should be programmed for sometime this year. Not too sure about the when - will let you know as soon as I find out.

Not sure if this takes place anywhere else.