Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Clever Boy!

This is one of the family photos from Dad's graduation. awww! cute lil family, eh?! :o)

Look at the big smile on my dad's face! And my mom looks like she's the proudest wifey ever! :o)
The tall guy's my bro, Himmat.
I look like i got smothered with a pink marshmallow!!! eeeek! ;o)
Dad hired the gown and brought it home. All of us had a go at it and took lots of dum photos!

We're sooooo proud of Daddy! He already got a degree in Civil Engineering when he was younger. It takes a lot of guts to manage to complete a degree again at his age! I know i was sweating bricks when i did mine! He's done a degree in Ayurvedic Medicine. How cool is that! He met some really nice people, went to India for training and got a really good rep for being the best message therapist in town!
More that later.

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