Friday, November 04, 2005

The Legacy

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
Hello! Jambo! Sat-sri-akal! Namaste! Bon Jour!

Welcome to THE SATI ZONE! ;o)

Here you will have a chance to take a glimpse into the world dad - through my eyes.
What he meant to me, what I think he meant to the world, how he inspired me, etc

Please feel free to post your comments.
Or even post your tributes as a mark of respect to honour my Dad.
Maybe you want to share what he meant to you.
I know dad's unique radiant light left an eternal glow in everyone he came across.
Would be nice if you could share.


jatlee said...

mr sati singh maahraaj is the man!!! You know we going big garlic stlye!!! this blogs gona be wiked!!

Preet said...

aw thanks Jatlee!
Yup! Gona b wikid blog! Anyone who can master the art of Big Garlic Style deserves a wiked blog!!!
All hail Sati the Great! ;o)

Anonymous said...

very well done my loveley wife!!

Nice to see your blog coming along so well, rather like a seed which is planted,growing into a sapling reaching for the sky so high becoming a mighty oak!!(then it gets chopped down killing untold animals in the process to make millions of match sticks to light millions of cigrettes which cause cancer!!!) but we will ignore that little bit!

No really good work!x

Preet said...

OH many many thanks to my husband - what a poet! mmmmmm....poet with a twist! hehe! u crazy u know that! but ur the nicest bestest crazy poet in th world! awwwww!!! :o)

khalsa warrior said...

A very nice and magnificent tribute. A truely unique site filled with deep love & total goodness. May the light of your Father keep shining through your tributes & dedications..After reading some of your writings I wish I could have met him. Though in a way I feel I am meeting him, through your writings. Keep up the love & good work! ALL OF YOU GUYS! ;)

Preet said...

oh thank you so much Khalsa Warrior Ji.