Thursday, December 08, 2005


Had a nice fun filled day on Dad's birthday.
Spent the day with mom...... shopping!

The evening promised a tasty treat!
Went to Chelsea for the classical Indian concert - with Sultan Khan on the sarangi and Raiz Khan on sitar.
Exellent concert - if slightly emotional!
im sure this is all probably in the head but the sarangi really reached out to me - almost as if Dad was talkin to me! weird,eh?! Raag Yaman - an evening raag, which im told is an unfathomable ocean!
Well, be it in the mind or not - Dad's presence was very strong in that vast music hall.

I couldn't help but think how lucky dad must be - i got the feeling that he is able to listen to all maestros perform throughout the world in numerous concert halls .......... without the need to fork out the all important £20 ticket!!!

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jatlee said...

HA ha haha thts true!! £20!! my ASSets you can listen to me play for free! yay!! (im not good at all) but the concert was great fun with ranbir being naughty! lol take care!