Monday, December 19, 2005

Im busy!

Im being hounded by various individuals - including my bro - cos i aint posted for a LOOOOOONG time!!!! - my deposit of witty excuses has run dry) so the truth shall prevail........IM LAZY!!!!! there! happy!
Oh and i been busy - yes....very busy.

This blog was started with a yearning to spread the beautiful light my dad ignited in us.
I feel i am not doing justice to him - this blog needs more attention (and masala!!).
Guys - u will be served more of dad's quirky anecdotes sooon!

1 comment:

ss said...

Bhenji - my well of excuses is over flowing; new ones come in at an inexcusable rate of flow - you're welcome to have some ;-)

Look forward to see more on your blog.

Happy birthday to your dad too.