Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Guess who's back from Egypt?!

What an adventure!!!
Had a BRILLIANT holiday! We are sooo going back!

We got kidnapped, nearly got conned, got escorted by armed police, Gurch got mistaken for Amitab Bachan (?!), I got proposed to...twice! (The first guy offered to buy me for 20 camels – which I think is reasonable)
Yes – I did say it was a brilliant holiday! Surely no holiday is complete without a kidnapping, eh?!

Will have lots n lots of pics and stories of the whole adventure so stay tuned!


Pindi! said...

guchi u silly boy u should have taken the 20 camels man!!!! hehehe

Preet said...

hehe! pagal kurhi i found you a couple o egyptians too - you can be Queen of the Nile! teeheehee! :o) xxx

pindi!! said...


satvinder said...

welcome back. look forward to hearing about your adventures!

Preet said...

aw thanks sis!
Will try n write somethin soon. Its prooving to be difficult at the mo - too much else to do!

S.K. said...

Glad you and veerji had an 'interesting' time (lol). I'm sure we'll hear all about it on Friday, see you soon ji.