Thursday, January 26, 2006

I like this photo!
The water is soo clear you can see right through to the coral!


jatlee said...

hOH! anti gurmat your feet are too close! even thou your married! this is anti gurmat! lololololl if sum idots gona write tis only gona be me! : )

Preet said...

haw! maha paap! ;o)
Dont tell my mummy that i had my feet so close to my husbands! ;o)

Sikhi Seeker said...

lol...I was going to start off by saying that I like this picture too, but the convo above is too funny to ignore :) Btw, you seem to be quite athletic (I aint a psychic, just the shape of your feet say so :P)
The beautiful pictures below say how wonderful your trip was:)
And thanks for dropping by my blog.

Preet said...

yeah you could say im quite athletic!
but what i wana know is - how can you tell by looking at my feet??!!!
hmmmnn.....i hope you're not implying that i have athlete's feet - you know, in terms of the fungal disease???!!!

grey said...

he-he ... great blog - and great comments ;-)

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Nice looking PaaNee... would be great if Sarowars in India could be as clear as that.

Anonymous said...

i know i know we broke the 'Keep your distance' 'K' of true gurmat, we are now banished to kaljug!!! naheeee!!!!