Tuesday, January 31, 2006

To Sati

This heart melting poem was written by Dr Gopi Warrier, Dad's teacher, boss and friend.
His wife recited this at the memorial service they held in Dad's honour on 14th September 2005. I hope he will forgive me for printing it here, but it was too beautiful not to.

To Sati,

Even from
a broken lyre
you produced beautiful music,
whispering the magical words,
'Wahe Guru'.
To the mundane neurologist
it will be a miracle.

That morning
when the phone rang
I knew someone was in danger
I am so sad it had to be you.

But now you smile, at peace
with the grand masters of your tradition.

You gave love and laughter
to all those you held dear
and loyalty for the just cause.

Your children carry
your light and wisdom

Brave soldier,
Rest in peace .

By Gopi Warrier
14th September 2005



Anonymous said...

That’s beautiful.

jatlee said...

BEAUTIFUL! thanks for letting me come to the ceremony :D
(sarcastic by the way)

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

sat naam! touching poem

satvinder said...

"Brave soldier,
Rest in peace."

Obviously I don't know the significance because I didn't know your father but wow, preet that really is a moving poem.

Sikhi Seeker said...

Very heart felt - a "natural" poem. Having read all these posts about your dad makes me realize that no deed goes unnoticed - the kind ones becoming the cherished memories. It's a blesing to be loved when living and even more so when gone.
Now, the world shall seek his greatness in you.

Satnam Waheguru Waheguru!