Friday, February 24, 2006

Hidden Messages in Water (Part 1)

Battling the urge to go home and curl up in a nice warm bed, Gurcharan and I managed to carry our behinds to Kings Uni late last evening to discuss the all too controversial science v religion topic.

Funnily enough, I’ve only just finished reading Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, which revolves around exactly the same scenario, albeit all fiction.

At the station, we bumped into a lovely Penji (emphasis on the ‘lovely’ – you will soon find out why!) who was going to the same lecture, so I got chatting with her while Gurcharan went off to WH Smiths.

Bhenji: So what uni do you go to?
Preet (visibly flattered): Aww – I left uni couple of years ago!
Benji (gesturing to Gurcharan) : Oh Preet I think your mate’s looking for you
Preet (giggling): you mean my husband!
Benji (visibly bewildered): your husband??!! Goodness you both look like a couple of teenagers!
Preet (embarrassingly ecstatic and breaking into a bout of bhangra): Aww – bless you bless you bless you! The arduous ordeal of bathing this morning actually paid off!

After that convo I was beaming all night! However, im sure Penji was probably referring to my childish behaviour rather than my youthful splendour!

Anyway, must say the sign posting inside the uni was quite accurate, which was nice to see!
we made a special effort to get there on time – yours truly had to sacrifice a trip to the Millies Cookies kiosk :o( - only to find the hall completely devoid of human life!
“Goooochy dearest, are you sure it said 1800hrs?!!??”
Aha, right on cue, Sodhi Singh materialised out of nowhere! Slowly the whole lecture hall was packed (note ‘slowly’ is the operative word here!) Himmat did predict some bizarre PMT phenomenon, which later I got to find out, stood for Punjabi Mean Time!


satvinder said...

Lol@PMT pujabi mean time!!

satvinder said...

ps. who's the cute photo of?

Angad Singh said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
H said...

Erm, Just wondering, Satwinder ji, which one of the two do you think that preet is in the photograph??

Preet said...

oh that just gives it away silly H!
so wot if you won all the baby shows wen you were young! wot matters is wot u look lik now - wot went wrong mate?! ;o)

satvinder said...

Errr... if it is indeed a pic of Preet then my guess would be the one with the little waist-coat cos this baby has a lovely happy face and preet comes across as a "happy" person. (Also cos I don't want to be caught stereo-typing by picking the kid with the pig-tails) (",) Anyway, I guess I'm about to be told that this is a boy, and you're probably gonna say that it's you.

Actually, is this a pic from Sodhi Singh? I recall seeing s'thing like this in Soul Sikher.

satvinder said...

Ok so which one's "H"?

satvinder said...

Veer Angad Singh Ji, I think you should withdraw that comment(",). Not all "girls" like to be presented with "parts of plants" some of us prefer Jalebies!

Preet said...

The ladooo face with the waist coat is my bro - Himmat (H) and the enquisitive one (as always) is MOI! ;o)
So yes sis, pig tails = kurhi! ;o)
stereo-type applicable in this instace!
aw - u think i come across as a happy chappy?! :o)
u got that right sis! :o)

satvinder said...

Ahhh... U guys are sweet (",)

ps. did I just say "ahhh"?

Angad Singh said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
satvinder said...

Errr... me was trying to steer the potentially gender bias convo away from generalisations but seems we're back where we started... lol never mind.

Angad Singh said...

there u go ' more generalizations..=)


satvinder said...

Sorry Preet. Wrong place for my comments too. Please feel free to delete.

Sat x

H said...

Hehehe!!! See preet, she thought that I looked cute and happy and smiley!!! Just get to terms with the truth, I was cuter!!!

Preet said...

hey - nothin like a blog to stir up some trouble! ;o)
comment away Sat sis!