Thursday, February 16, 2006

Jatinder’s birthday on 3rd March – the lil squirrel’s turning 18!
Ahh don’t they grow up fast!
So we’re celebrating in style……aptly going to the Darbar concert in Leicester.
Can’t wait! Im sure the arduous journey (straight after work on a Friday!hai hai!) to Leicester will def be well worth it.
Although, I would much rather spend the whole weekend in Leicester and check out all the concerts. Oh well, there will be another time.

Visit for more details.


jatlee said...

not my birthday! what you chating about!

Preet said...

was it supposed to be a secret??! oh oh! everyone knows now! ;o)

satvinder said...

Hey preet,

Hope you're well. Would be cool if you could do a write up of the concert.


sat (",)

Preet said...

Yup! no probs Satvinder penji.
Write up coming up pretty soon!