Friday, February 10, 2006

big happy happy face!

A little while ago, I received this beautiful email from a lovely lovely person.
I wasn't sure whether to post it or not - but the reason I started this blog was to document how Dad is part of everything we do, how he still influences our lives, how we are what we are because of him, regardless of his physical absence.
For this reason I will post this, it carries a profound underlying meaning for us all.
(Hope you don’t mind. Thank you for sending this to me. You actually made my day, not spoilt it. I did read it at work and spent the rest of the day in the ladies crying! but not out of sadness, it was a just very emotional email. thanks for shairing it with me)

hi preet!
i thought i'd tell you this! hope you dont get offended! well yesterday i
had a dream yeh! i was running thru some house with white walls and gray
acrpet an curtains and went through this room! and guess who was standing
there with a big smile on his face!! Mr Satinder Singh Sembi!! i looked at
him an then looked again! he had some massive smile on his face(he had so
much sukh)!! i went close to him and offered him my hand"its been a long
time" he goes "yeh well!" and then he shook my hand! his hand was so warm
big and comforting and i could see his shiny silver kara!! i actualy felt
the warmth in his hand!! he was still smiling! "how's preet and everyone" he
said! i said "there all good!" he was wearing a grey t-shirt and khaki olive
green combats i think!! big happy happy face! then i ran away!! the point is!! that our minds can take us anywhere! if you beleive this life
is "real" then we dont know what "real" is!! dont worry we'll all go home
with "sukh" as happiness is temporary!! sorry for spoiling ure day if i
offended you!!


jatlee said...


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Sat Naam!

"Jinni Naam dhiaayiaa gaye mushakat ghaal.
Nanak te MUKH UJLE kitee chhutee naal."

jatlee said...

baba ji came around today to see dad! and he was saying how good your dad was and he always had that beautiful smile! when he said that i couldnt stop smiling!

Preet said...

me smilling! :o)
how nice it is to be remembered by your perpetual smile - even after you have left this world.
i guess we should all take a leaf out of his book.