Friday, May 25, 2007

More Indian thoughts..

Carrying on from the previous post:

I am quite clueless (and I ain’t just saying this) when it comes to…well, anything really!
So, just an interesting observation while I was in India:

It seems there is a massive gurdwara every which way you look, yet I didn’t seem to come across many schools, hospitals etc.

Am I mistaken?


Anonymous said...

Interesting, here is some food for thought:

The seeming lack of Schools and hospitals could be that Indias architecture doesnt allow you to distinguish between different structures like you would in England. You may have actively gone to gurdwaras but not likely have gone to schools/hosptials hence, not noticed as many.

Gurdwaras will be in prominant locations where as schools can be hidden away.

In india people tend to go their doctor in times of an emergency not the hospital. Of which there are many but not always in prominant locations.

In the UK there are clear signposts etc to such places where in india there isnt.

True, there may be less hospitals/schools per head in India, but compare the income and relative tax as compared to western countries which has direct result on the number of puclic services offered.

Remember india has some of the best trained doctors in the world and some of the most intelligent people in the world too.. so they must be doing something right!

In punjab there is a higher concentration of sikhs then probably anywhre in the world, so there will and should be more sikh places of worship.

people do not have means of transport like westerners so it would make sence to have gurdwaras within walking distance of communities.

Sikhs have done a good thing in marking locations from our gurus times and events with a Gurdwaras for all of us to remember.

Im not dismissing what you are saying but offering another opinion.

Preet said...

Thanks for that darling, this is probably why it was a good idea to marry you - our future kids yet have that slight chance of being that little bit intellectual!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Haha!! i got captured pretending to be brainy! just thought i would contribute to your wonderful blog!!


Preet said...

Of course I captured you! I have have invested well in a good set of spies! ;o)

Arlene said...

Thanks for writing this.